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To make this possible is our aspiration. We are German market researchers, and our passion is to help you get deeper insights on questions like: Who and what is behind the views and patterns of consumers, professionals, patients, HCPs? How are the status quo, a concept or developments evaluated? Behind each fact is a colourful mix of reasons for which a simple "why" is not appropriate.


We can help you get quality answers on which to base decisions. Because we can ask, listen, and access people. Some of it is technique, some is experience, and then there is a special knack for talking to people. To put it briefly: we keep the thread.

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  • We do international market research

  • Qualitative, quantitative

  • F2F, phone, online

  • B2C, B2B

  • Full service, moderation, recruitment

  • Germany, Europe, North America

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See people
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Even though we work with figures, our interview and study participants are always more than just numbers. For us, they are people with a story, experiences, needs, and attitudes. We see the core of good research in the precise and reliable selection of respondents and skilful interviewing.


We therefore pay special attention to whom we interview and what is individually required. Respectful treatment of participants, including compliance with data protection, are absolutely essential to us.


Our many years of experience cover a very wide range of people and industries, and we are particularly good when it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical research.

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  • We can recruit and interview almost all types of respondents

  • From patients to HCPs to KOLs

  • Sensitive topics, rare conditions, common diseases

  • People in their profession

  • Consumers of all kinds

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Find us
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We work network-based and see this as the ideal way to bundle expertise and avoid extra costs. It gives us the flexibility to provide you with the best possible service, even at short notice if necessary.


At the centre of the network is Ute Mensing, a market researcher with a law degree and several years of experience abroad. She is a communication expert with a soft spot for qualitative research and international project management.

The expertise is complemented by Niels Wettemann, a graduated economic geographer and sociologist, who is particularly enthusiastic about quantitative studies.


We access a selected pool of professionals on demand and for a wide range of services such as recruitment, interviewing, DP, translations, etc. and have a proven track record in international project management including almost all European countries, North and South America as well as Asia. We co-operate with local partners to ensure best knowledge of the individual markets, cultural realities, and human factors. 

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  • We have over 20 years of experience in full-service MR

  • A network that covers all common methodologies in many countries, especially in Europe

  • Project management, study design, interviewing, analysis

  • Additional services like translation, transcriptions, etc.

  • From small fine studies to large scale global projects

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Get in touch with us:

Ute Mensing

Email: info(at)

Phone: +49 (0)8042 973 6778

Mobile: +49 (0)171 54 999 89

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